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Take a look with me at this plant we call the tree
It’s standing taller than
All them other plants
Makes you wonder “how’d it get so big?” Hah!
How can it stand tall and yet still be flexible
Enough to sway and bend
In the wind?
‘Cause if it wasn’t it would break and fall
Who's been supporting trees as long as trees have stood?
Who could?
I, Wood [He's Wood]
That's me!

Now let’s take a peek at the inside of the tree
How does the water move
From the roots [Ah ooh]
To the leaves up in the canopy? [Ahhhh]
I take it on up through millions of microscopic tubes
In a tissue called ‘xylem’
And you’ll find it in
Every tree from here to Timbuktu
Who ‘s making sure that xylem’s working like it should?
Who could?
I, Wood
Here we go now

Strictly speaking I’m a strong and fibrous tissue
Found in certain plants' roots and stems
I lend support and I help transport
Important water and food and nutrients
Where was I?[Leaves]
Oh yeah. Leaves!

The leaves they get supplied
With water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight
Which they take
And use to make
Which is to say they photosynthesize
But the food up in the leaves
Is meant to feed the entire tree
So phloem takes it down
Spreads it all around
And phloem’s just another part of me
Who’s rollin’ with the phloem
Delivering that food? Who could?
I, Wood [He's literally wood]

Strictly speaking I’m a strong and fibrous tissue
Found in certain plants' roots and stems
But if perchance
You take a second glance
You’ll quickly come to understand that
I’m the best!

Aw, I could talk about my many fine qualities all day
But I...WOULD not want to bore you
I kid, I kid around, but uh
Really, this is a serious business
You know, I gotta, I gotta hold them trees up
Why, I'm used as a building material
All through human history
You can make paper out of me
Abraham Lincoln's log cabin?
Ever hear of that?
That was me
I invented the splinter
You ever been to the woods?
That's some of my best work, I feel
I'm quite proud of it
Listen, I gotta go, man
Somewhere out there, there's a
There's a five-year-old
needs a splinter
in his thumb


from Trees, released March 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Molly Ledford & Billy Kelly Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Molly Ledford & Billy Kelly have written an album's worth of songs about trees. This is that album.

"Trees" has been nominated for a 2016 GRAMMY® in the 'Best Children's Music' category.

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